Industrial Hemp company specializing in hemp phytoremediation

We are a hemp company focusing on healing the world through carbon crops and natural medicines by producing pure, organic hemp crops.

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Our Mission ~

Blue Wolf Biotech is a hemp company focusing on growing organic hemp for textiles and insulation as well as for hemp blocks used in construction. Our work is all about healing the earth as we create resources that improve our world. We specialize in cleaning up contaminated soil through phytoremediation. Phytoremediation means using plants (in our case hemp) to absorb and disperse harmful toxins in the soil, like lead and arsenic, before they pollute water supplies or poison people living and playing near contaminated soil.



Frank Loring and Clint Perry are the co-founders of Blue Wolf Biotech. Friends since grade school, they have a combined horticultural experience of over 35 years.


Frank is familiar with all facets of industrial and civil construction. He joined the farm labour pool as a teenager, and has worked at multiple commercial farms. With over 30 years of quality growing experience, he is well versed in all aspects of growing industrial hemp. His passion for making a positive change in our world for a sustainable future is what drives him.

As the son of a horticulturist, Clint grew up around greenhouses and home gardens. An illness in his 20's caused him to search for natural healing options and he came to love, use, and grow plants for essential oils. Clint's previous work includes many years as a paramedic as well as owning his own natural healing business. Clint's desire to help heal the earth is his main focus.

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  • Hemp is the second fastest growing plant on earth! Second only to bamboo, it grows up to 3 inches per day.

  • Hemp blocks were used to build the pyramids! Hempcrete is created by mixing lime with hemp hurds (core) and hardens over time sequestering carbon.

  • Anything that can be made of plastic can be made from hemp.

  • hemp can grow to be as tall as 18 feet and has a root structure as deep as 8 feet.

  • 1 acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as 4.1 acres of trees.

  • 1 acre of hemp produces more oxygen than 25 acres of forest.


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